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Professional Authentication Service Summary
- The PASS

The PASS-CO PASS system is leading the industry forward. Our detailed process of authentication and grading has been developed to ensure our ability to deliver the finest service of its kind. Upon successful authentication by our experts, your item receives it's own individual PASS [Professional Authentication Service Summary]. This signifies that your collectible has undergone a detailed process of authentication and grading (when this selected option is chosen) by our experts, and has been deemed genuine.

Unlike traditional COAs, the PASS-CO PASS carries with it a monetary guarantee up to $5,000. And your PASS-CO PASS, with our exclusive variety of security features provides the most secure authentication summary in the industry.

Our process of authentication is among the most detailed in the industry. Among other resources utilized by PASS-CO's experts, we maintain a vast archive of over 200,000 control documents composed of source documents, rare examples of autographs, collections and exemplars which have been gathered over the last 25 years. Among other authentication methods employed, these serve as a primary source of comparative materials from which to prepare our authoritative opinion on an item.

You can now rest assured. Your authentic collectible, and its accompanying PASS are fully traceable within our exclusive on-line tracking system. This further assures you, or any potential future buyer, that your material has been authenticated by the industry leaders.

Look no further. Accept no substitutes.

What is a PASS-CO PASS ?

First and foremost, the PASS-CO PASS is your Professional Authentication Service Summary. The issuance of this summary indicates that a review of your item has been conducted by our team of experts who have concluded that the item referred to in the PASS meets all criteria necessary to be determined authentic.

The essential value elements of The PASS-CO PASS:

  • Authentication of your item by industry-leading professionals.

  • A unique serial number within our database and on our website allowing for instant online verification that we have issued a Professional Authentication Service Summary for the item.

  • A secure document incorporating modern anti-counterfeiting features along with state-of-the-art micro-taggant technology deterring fraud.

  • Peace of Mind.