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The Benefits of The PASS-CO ‘PASS’

The issuance of a PASS represents the completion of a professional authentication of your collectible which has been determined by PASS-CO to be genuine. Our authentication delivers an unparalleled level of confidence to you or any future prospective buyer who may comfortably make a purchase knowing the item has PASSED the most stringent of authentication standards.

Your ownership experience will be more pleasant and exciting knowing that an independent third party team of experienced industry veterans have authenticated your item. No more doubts about that 'bargain' which may have seemed suspiciously cheap. You'll feel better owning the item and have a high level of confidence when the time comes to offer it for resale. Rest assured, the PASS-CO PASS may indeed provide an added level of value to a prospective buyer or auction house, thereby helping to facilitate a sale of the item at a higher price than a similar item not accompanied by a PASS-CO PASS. In some cases, the relatively modest cost for our services may significantly increase the value of your item.

Currently have a dealer of Certificate of Authenticity?

You still need PASS-CO!

In the last decade, large amounts of COAs and LOAs have been issued by individuals with virtually no experience in the trade. Many of these authenticators had fraudulent credentials and dumped large numbers of worthless certificates along with their corresponding items into the marketplace. Many of these were based upon dubious relationships with forgers, pseudo-dealers and other disreputable individuals.

While it is comforting to know that the FBI and other law enforcement agencies have taken steps to halt some of this activity, many fraudulent authentication certificates circulate freely on the internet. If you are currently uncomfortable with any of your current COAs or LOAa, submit your item to us for a full PASS-CO review.

We can help when an independent third-party authentication is required in cases where a questioned dealer certificate may have been previously issued. Perhaps an insurance carrier requires authentication of your high value items by a party other than the original seller. In this and similar cases, we can help.

Many qualified dealer statements of authenticity are indeed quite valid. Those that have been issued by dealers with many years of experience are often acceptable. Indeed, we consider many of these dealers as valued colleagues and trusted friends within the trade. Perhaps this is adequate for your needs; however if you would like further assurance of your item's authenticity PASS-CO can help. To be absolutely confident, get the PASS-CO PASS.