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Understanding the PASS-CO SCORE

Standard Compilation of Relevant Elements (SCORE)

The PASS-CO SCORE, simply stated, is the most advanced system developed for the grading of historical documents, manuscripts, stocks and bonds. The SCORE reflects PASS-COs systematic approach to placing any item within a relative context of similar/peer items on our 1000 point scale. The scoring of an item takes into consideration the relevant attributes of an item which have historically been found to be of concern to collectors. Some of these important factors include: the content, condition, historical importance, overall desirability, collectibility as well as other pertinent factors which would enhance or detract from the desirability of an item.

Essential Elements in the Determination of the PASS-CO SCORE include, but are not limited to:

Eye Appeal
Historical Merit
Restoration considerations
General desirability
Unique character

A Word on Relative Rarity and its Effect on Your PASS-CO SCORE

The overall PASS-CO SCORE is based upon the best information available to us at the time your item is submitted for authentication, grading and scoring. New discoveries may have an effect on relative rarity and ultimately could have an impact on the overall PASS-CO SCORE previously assigned. This occurrence, however, is relatively uncommon.

Scoring Autographs and Manuscripts

The scoring of your autographs, manuscripts and photographs is included in the Gold PASS fee. We are unable to assign a SCORE to items which have had the Silver PASS service level requested.  However, you may upgrade a Silver PASS to Gold PASS certification by paying the difference in the two fee structures at the time the item was submitted, thus receiving all the benefits of PASS-COs Gold PASS certification.

Scoring Stocks and Bonds

Your PASS-CO graded and encapsulated stocks and bonds may be SCOREd for a modest additional fee. See services and fees page for details and rates.

Understanding the PASS-CO SCORE.

What does my PASS-CO SCORE mean?

So, you've submitted your document for thorough review and examination by PASS-COs team of experts, and you've just received your PASS-CO PASS along with your item returned securely to your home or office.

What does your SCORE mean?

For example, take a land grant issued in 1821 and signed by James Monroe as President. Our team has carefully reviewed the item's overall condition, strength of signature, adherence of inks, seals, folds, content, possible associations, relative rarity and attachments [if any]. This covers just a few of the many factors that PASS-CO uses in quantifying the various attributes that comprise your PASS-CO SCORE.

Your PASS-CO SCORE indicates the relative ranking of your document to other examples of Monroe signed documents. It allows you to compare your item with your friend's, or with one that may be on offer from a dealer or auction gallery.  You now have an independent authority's opinion, not only in terms of authenticity, but also of relative desirability, content, and rarity viewed in comparison to other Monroe signed documents.

Is it possible that two documents that have different physical appearances can achieve a similar SCORE?

The answer is: YES. Take for example the Monroe land grant described below, in comparison to the one above. Here we have two relatively uncommon land grants, each with a vignette depicting the American soldier, who, having won independence for his country lays down his arms and prepares to accept the grant of 160 acres of land as reward for his services. Example #1 appears to have cleaner, fresher vellum. A good, bold signature of President Monroe and a countersignature of Josiah Meigs of the Land office. The vignette of the officer and his son receiving the grant of land is dark and the impression is strong. The folds are un-obtrusive and the paper wafer Seal of the Land office is still affixed with it original red wax. Overall, this example is a very pleasing, collector grade document authentically signed by President James Monroe, to which PASS-CO granted a PASS and assigned a SCORE of 620.

Now the other Monroe land grant example is of the same uncommon type.  Monroe has signed this as President, and Meigs has countersigned, as in the other.  However, the vellum shows a slight bit more age, and the Land Office seal is cracked, but complete.  Monroe's signature on this land grant is slightly darker and, in our collective opinion, more vibrant with better ink adherence.  The land grant also contains a scarce, paper label attached under the Land Office seal, directing that a "Map of the Bounty Lands, and a description of this lot, its quality, situation and timber may be had for one dollar if sent to the General Land Office."  This paper label is rarely encountered and, in our opinion, noteworthy.  On the verso, additional endorsements lend greater historic interest to the appeal of this piece, thus it was awarded a PASS-CO SCORE of 641.

How does this help you?

PASS-CO's experts have determined a grade and relative SCORE for each Monroe document or any other PASS-CO graded and SCOREd piece.  This enables you to make a more informed choice when buying, selling or trading. You now have the power of PASS-CO's experience and know-how behind you with every trade or purchase.

A Word on Restoration

The restoration and repair of historical documents of all kinds has been a common practice for decades. Restorations vary greatly in quality. Many have been accomplished by trained professionals, others have not. The degree and quality of any restoration, if present, may have an effect on the overall SCORE assigned to your item.