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A PASS-CO certificate number may be tracked and verified using the form below.

After typing in the PASS certificate number and hitting SEARCH, a window should appear providing you with a partial image of the item, the date of PASS-CO certification and a short description of the item. If this information does not appear, please verify that you have entered the information correctly. Please notify us immediately if your PASS-CO PASS details do not appear after checking that all information has been entered correctly.

Track a PASS-CO Certified Item

Our authentication process, identification system and methods insure that our PASS certificates are the safest and most reliable available.

The information provided will allow the verification that an item was in fact identified and authenticated by our team of experts and that a PASS [Professional Authentication Services Summary] was issued for the item in question. Verification of an item in our database does not, however, imply a guarantee of any kind . As we have no control over the item after it leaves our hands, we cannot provide any guarantee that the item you are tracking is an actual PASS-CO certified item. As such, we offer this information as a service and are not able to warrant the authenticity of any item tracked nor do we accept any responsibility, financial or otherwise, for the use or misuse of the information provided herein.