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The PASS-CO Submission Process Explained

Submitting Your Items

The submission process to authenticate your item at PASS-CO is fast and easy. Our normal services require a 7-10 business day processing period. At certain times, when demand is extremely high, this period may be somewhat longer. However, we will make every effort to complete your work within our normal 7-10 business day time frame.

If you would like to inquire about submissions, please call us at

Professional Authentication
Services & Standards Company, LLC
40 South River Road, Unit 51
Bedford, NH 03110


EXPRESS PASS -- Our Expedited Service.

For those requiring a quicker turn-around time, your service may be expedited for an additional fee. Fees for this expedited service may be arranged by calling our office in advance at 1-866-727-7262. (1-866-PASSC02). Items received in our offices by 10:30 EST will be placed on our priority track to receive immediate attention. This will guarantee that your item will be on its way to you on, or before, the third business day from the day of receipt. For example, if we receive your item on a Tuesday by 10:30 EST, it will be processed and shipped to you on or before Friday of the same week. Items received on a Thursday would ship on or before the following Tuesday. In the event that we are unable to complete your expedited service for any reason, we will immediately contact you

A Few Tips on Preparing Your Item for Shipment

Securely pack your item using appropriate materials. If shipping one or more documents, heavy cardboard, mailers or smaller boxes are appropriate. Please package to insure that your items remain dry. If you have any questions concerning the preparation of your shipment, please don't hesitate to contact us. Please remember that items which arrive at PASS-CO in your original holder will be removed for examination as part of our authentication process. In some cases, where items have been encapsulated, shrink-wrapped or some other such method, we will remove the item from your holder possibly causing this packaging to be irretrievable. Please understand this prior to submitting any item in this state to PASS-CO. We are not responsible for your loss of packaging when items are held within sealed environments. However, as with all items submitted for PASS-CO authentications, your item will be returned in PASS-CO'S custom designed archival folder. Framed items may be authenticated, at our option. Please contact us for details.